El Corazón de Gullveig

El Corazón de Gullveig
"...Tre gånger brände de den tre gånger borna,
ofta, ej sällan, dock ännu hon lever..."

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

Like as, to make our appetites more keen,
With eager compounds we our palate urge;
As, to prevent our maladies unseen,
We sicken to shun sickness when we purge;
Even so, being full of your ne'er-cloying sweetness,
To bitter sauces did I frame my feeding;
And, sick of welfare, found a kind of meetness
To be diseased, ere that there was true needing.
Thus policy in love, to anticipate
The ills that were not, grew to faults assured,
And brought to medicine a healthful state
Which, rank of goodness, would by ill be cured;
   But thence I learn and find the lesson true,
   Drugs poison him that so fell sick of you.

Soneto 118, Sonetos. William Shakespeare.

Jacques Brel, casado con Therese Michelsen y con tres hijos, conoce en un club nocturno parisino a una mujer luminosa e inteligente llamada Suzanne, y a quien todos conocen como Zizou. Actriz ella y cantante el, se enamoran perdidamente. Brel vivirá, amara y se entregara vehemente a ella durante cinco años, en una relación intensa y cautiva que culmina con el embarazo de Zizou.

Brel responde miserablemente a la noticia. Se esconde de 'Zizou', de su gran amor, de ella. Jacques desaparece de su vida como un vulgar marido con amante y, finalmente, se niega a reconocer que es el padre, el responsable del "embarazo" de Suzanne. Zizou, desesperada, lo destierra de su vida. Brel, entonces, se refugia en su mujer e incluso utiliza su historia para escribir la canción de amor "Ne me quitte pas". Un "no me dejes" póstumo e interesado, que ni sirve de excusa ni remienda daños.

Brel acabó como un cobarde. Se comportó como muchos seres patéticos que, dando la espalda al amor, se aferran al decimonónico y putrefacto status quo de familia nuclear, aunque el amor no exista, y la imagen tiesa muestre las grietas. Preservar a la comprensiva esposa y madre de sus hijos luego de humillar y despreciar a la mujer que amaba.

 Zizou interrumpió su embarazo.

Brel diría, años después, que la canción no es una canción de amor sino una canción acerca de la cobardía de los hombres.

Solo la voz de Nina Simone es capaz de dar sentido a tanta decadencia.

martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

"That sort of view that feminism is against men it just doesn't make sense, from the beginning, it has never made sense to me. I was asked recently by a group of young women, in a young women leadership conference program in Harvard: do I think of myself as a feminist? So I said:  yes, would you like to know how I define feminism? So they said yes! So I said I thought of feminism as one of THE great liberation movements in human history and it’s the movement to free democracy from patriarchy. And then I got a bunch of e-mails after that weekend of this Harvard group saying “the one thing I wrote down from the whole weekend was your definition of feminism”. But it seems so obvious to me that that’s what feminism is. I mean it is really seeing and it is easier for women to speak out against patriarchy because we are not so shame for speaking out as it is. I think Virginia Woolf wrote about that in “Three Guineas”, actually, but it’s in how in contradiction with democracy patriarchy is and the cost for both men and women. So that’s what I think feminism is and I think it is an extremely important historic movement of women’s liberation. And so of course, if that’s what feminism is: “moving to free democracy from patriarchy”, you are going to have a kick back from patriarchy. And the kick back is that feminism is anti-man and real man and all this. So I think that’s why you have to go back to say: wait a minute, that’s not what feminism is. (…)

There is a misunderstanding of  (patriarchy) is this sort of men’s oppression of women. In fact here is where the psychological work is key in the developmental work because it explains why women’s voices are so important in this because, if men are initiated, boys are initiated into patriarchy around these gender things which is what is a real man and how is manhood constructed and being a man means not being a girl or being a woman and it means being on top, that’s patriarchal masculinity and this happens around 4 or 5 or 6,  and girls are initiated into patriarchal femininity which means being selfless which is really the most amazing term, being selfless in order to have relationships. But we've just said: if you have no self you are not in a relationship, so it’s incoherent, really. But since that doesn't happen till adolescence, girls have more language and so they can speak about this, and if you silence girls and women then nobody talks about it. 

So put all this making feminism anti-man which is truly not, or defining patriarchy not as something that divides everyone…  I mean, what is patriarchy: it’s a hierarchy, which means the rule of priests, in which the hiereus, the priest is patriarch, a pater, a father, so it divides fathers, it divides some men from other men, divides the men from the boys, like African-American men were called boys, not real men, and it divides all men from women; and it places fathers over mothers and children. And in fact, in making those separations it divides everyone from parts of themselves. So, psychologically, patriarchy is always unstable. On the other hand, if you talk about democratic society it requires that kind of people having voices and being able to speak honestly from their experiences. So the psychological quality feeds into a truly democratic society, so then you come back to: patriarchy is contradictory to democracy like slavery is and like imperialism is. And I think that’s where we are right now, in that struggle, for men, for women, for people of color, the whole thing. It’s like the title of Christina Robb's book: “This changes everything”. It’s a shift in the paradigm. It’s not like taking the old paradigm and switching it some from having men on top to women on top. That’s the old structure. It’s changing the structure."

Dr. Carol Gilligan defines feminism and patriarchy.
Psychalive featuring Dr. Carol Gilligan.

martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

Republican Automatons. George Grosz. 1893 -1959.

"...High though his titles, proud his name,
Boundless his wealth as wish can claim
Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonored, and unsung."

"Breathes there the man with soul so dead..." 
Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."
Emma Goldman

The revolution was postponed because of rain.
The underlying
and trigger mechanism causes
were all in place when
some nee-gro or the other got hungry
had to stop at the McDonald's
had to get on the line
with the new trainee cashier
"uhh, where's the button for the fries?"
so we missed the bus...

Then the leader couldn't find his keys
didn't want some poor ass moving
his brand new 20" and VCR
out his living room on the shoulders.
It was too late when the locksmith came

Then our demo expert Willie Blew got arrested
came out with his head hanging under his hoody
"Didn't know they started doing that
for jumping the turnstiles," he said.
"How many times must we tell you -
Don't.. get.. caught."
We voted against shootin' him on the spot
In the winter we were all depressed
so we leaned our guns against the sofas
and listened instead to Tim Tim Tiree
singing about his dysfunctions...
He sang: "Sometimes I wonder if ah'll ever be free
free of the sins of my brutish daddee
Like the cheating, the stealing, the drinking, and the beating". . .

The weatherman said the 17th would be sunshine
and it wouldn't be too hot -
Tim Tim Tiree doesn't like sweatin'
but that night the weatherman came on crying
saying he didn't control the weather
that God was real
that he's lucky He, God, didn't strike him, the weatherman, with lightning
for taking the credit sometimes
and that he, the weatherman, was in no way responsible
for the hurricane coming
and that we, the viewers, should
pray Jesus into our hearts
before it was too late.

Superbowl Sunday was out
all the women wanted
to see the game
and the men were pissed
at their insensitivity

The 20th was supposed to be a definite
we looked for some Bastille to storm
didn't find any
settled on the armory instead
before they moved the homeless in...
"We'll bum-rush it anyway," I said
"It smells like a collection
of a thousand farts in there," they said
So we waited for the approval of the city
contract to build a Bastille
which set the revolution back five years.

Peace wanted to start the revolution on Tuesday
She was in a pissed-off mood
her tax return didn't come in time for the rent
But they showed the We Are the World video
on cable that evening
and we all held hands
and cried to stop from laughing
and our anger subsided
Looking back, it could've been a plot
but there are more substantive plots to expose
than the We Are the World conspiracy

Now we wait for the rain to stop
All forces on the alert
some in Brooklyn basements
packed in between booming speakers
listening to Shabba Ranks and Arrested Development
bogling and doing the east coast stomp
gargling with Bacardi and Brown Cow
breaking that monotony with slow movements -
slow, hip-grinding movements
with the men breathing in the women's ears to
Earth Wind & Fire's Reasons
and wondering what the weather will be like
next weekend.

"The Revolution was postponed because of rain"
del album: "Cool and steady and easy", 1995. 
Brooklyn Funk Essentials.

La cobardía y la vanidad matan.

"...la luna a tus pies pusiera, Llorona
con el sol te coronara..."

Quiero, a la sombra de un ala,
contar este cuento en flor:
la niña de Guatemala,
la que se murió de amor.

Eran de lirios los ramos;
y las orlas de reseda
y de jazmín; la enterramos
en una caja de seda...

Ella dio al desmemoriado
una almohadilla de olor;
él volvió, volvió casado;
ella se murió de amor.

Iban cargándola en andas
obispos y embajadores;
detrás iba el pueblo en tandas,
todo cargado de flores...

Ella, por volverlo a ver,
salió a verlo al mirador;
él volvió con su mujer,
ella se murió de amor.

Como de bronce candente,
al beso de despedida,
era su frente -¡la frente
que más he amado en mi vida!...

Se entró de tarde en el río,
la sacó muerta el doctor;
dicen que murió de frío,
yo sé que murió de amor.

Allí, en la bóveda helada,
la pusieron en dos bancos:
besé su mano afilada,
besé sus zapatos blancos.

Callado, al oscurecer,
me llamó el enterrador;
nunca más he vuelto a ver
a la que murió de amor.

La niña de Guatemala. Jose Martí

María García Granados
"La Niña de Guatemala"

"Años después del triste desenlace de aquel amor; probablemente cuando ya la decepción y la traición habían desvanecido la pasión que Martí había sentido por Carmen Zayas Bazán, su legítima esposa y madre de su único hijo carnal, el Apóstol escribió unos apuntes o notas que yo, hasta ahora, desconocía:

"Cuando me casé, más que por amor que yo tuviera, por agradecimiento al que aparentemente me tenía, y por cierta obligación de caballero que excitaba mi imaginación, alarmable y puntillosa, sentí que iba a un sacrificio que acepté, en desconocimiento del verdadero amor, porque creí que alguna vez había de llegar.

"Un albor de amor tuve, después de conocer a mi mujer, en Guatemala, que sofoqué con mi creencia de que me debía a la mujer que me tenía dadas prendas anticipadas de su amor".

Extracto de "La Niña de Guatemala" por Perla Cartaya Cotta  

domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

 "... no toda recaída va de arriba a abajo, 
porque arriba y abajo no quieren decir gran cosa 
cuando ya no se sabe dónde se está. 
Probablemente Ícaro creía tocar el cielo cuando se hundió en el mar epónimo, 
y Dios te libre de una zambullida tan mal preparada..."

Julio Cortázar. Me caigo y me levanto. La vuelta al día en ochenta mundos.

Hoy volvía de la plaza Gustav Adolf montada en mi bicicleta.
Al llegar a la esquina de Stora Nygatan y Slottsgatan el semáforo se puso rojo.
Al frenar y levantar la vista, quede hipnotizada por una luna gigante asomando por detras del edificio del Casino.
Tuve que buscar mi camara y tomar una foto. 
Unas fotos.
Fue recien a la tercer foto que me di cuenta.

Era el sol.

Slottsparken, Malmö. 2 Marzo 2014.

Slottsparken, Malmö. 2 Marzo 2014.

Slottsträdgården, Mölleplatsen y Slottsmöllan. Malmö. 2 Marzo 2014.

Slottsträdgården, Mölleplatsen y Slottsmöllan. Malmö. 2 Marzo 2014.