El Corazón de Gullveig

El Corazón de Gullveig
"...Tre gånger brände de den tre gånger borna,
ofta, ej sällan, dock ännu hon lever..."

domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

Jan: - Don't you love me anymore?

Bess: - Oh, of course I do

Jan: - Say so, then

Bess:  - I'd made up my mind not to. Everyone says that I love you too much and if you found out how much I love you you might get upset because we are not together right now

Jan: - Oh, Bess never stop saying you love me, hear? No matter what anybody says. Say it, then...

Bess: - I love you so much...

Jan: - I love you too

Breaking the waves, 1996. Lars Von Trier

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